Sweet 'n' Syrup Finland

Sweet ’n’ Syrup Finland Oy is a Finnish food industry company established in 2001. Our clientele consists of a wide variety of companies from restaurants, cafés, wholesalers and individual consumers to the food and alcohol industries.

Sweet ’n’ Syrup Finland Oy is the market leading producer of syrups and shot mixers in Finland. Thanks to the high quality and all-natural ingredients, our products stand out in both the domestic and international markets.

With the rapidly changing trends in consumer preferences, the co-operation between our dedicated development team, clients and partners is crucial in order to keep the Modo brand a market leader for years to come.

About us

The company consists of a professional team of bottlers, product developers and sales personnel. Our mutual goal is to ensure that Sweet ’n’ Syrup Finland will continue to be a reliable international company in the manufacturing of high-quality products for the drink, food and pastry industries.

Our solid product know-how and continued interest in product development guarantees an increasingly rich palette of Finnish flavours that bring joy to everyone – including the customers of our partners and clients.

Sweet’n’Syrup Finland Oy
Holstaksentie 51
04130 Sipoo

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