The exoctic nothern nature, the land of the thousand lakes and wide ranging forests, is both the inspiration and birthplace of Modo products. Only natural, pure incredients are used to create mixders, pyres, syrups and slush. All products are hand made in Finland and created to tickle your tastebuds whether you are looking for seductive sweetness or spicy satisfaction.

Modo doesn’t use Atso colours in their products.

Modo – Seductively delicious taste from FinlandSweet ´n´ Syrup Finland Oy produces fruit syrups and shot mixers at our efficient production plant in Sipoo. Our headquarters and sales office are also located in the same building.

Our core business is to process raw materials into products for the restaurant and food industries. Our clientele covers a wide variety of companies from restaurants, cafés, wholesalers and individual consumers to the food and alcohol industries.

As producer of fruit syrups and shot mixers, Sweet’n’Syrup Finland Oy is the market leader in Finland. Thanks to their high quality and all-natural ingredients, our products stand out both in Finland and abroad. Exports are climbing steadily.